wall-panel-416041_1280Welcome to Elegant Linen by Ben Barber!

An oasis of beauty and indulgence in unprecedented Luxury, at Elegant Linen by Ben Barber you will see the difference between standard home and linen, and the “elegance” of Elegant Linen by Ben Barber.

Here at Elegant Linen by Ben Barber, you will be introduced to some of the finest linens of the world, at incomparable prices. Elegant Linen by Ben Barber will transform your modest bedroom into the sanctuary of your dreams.

Established in 1972 by Benjamin Barber, with his business partner, Richard Citron, a pioneer in the ever evolving world of home fashion and fine linens. Ben Barber is constantly roaming the globe for inspiration while designing new patterns to add to an already impressive inventory. His unique and stylish vision will allow you to keep at the forefront of all the latest designs in the home fashion industry.

Elegant Linen by Ben Barber has developed a well deserved reputation for custom linen work, by providing the quality and specialized details distinguishing itself over and above the others.

At a time when home textile businesses are curtailing domestic operations, Elegant Linen by Ben Barber is expanding its domestic manufacturing, by doubling its machinery in order to bolster manufacturing capabilities in the U.S., thus giving back to the community, by providing employment to the local residents. Elegant Linen by Ben Barber occupies a square block of manufacturing facilities with unsurpassed production capabilities, thus realizing one of its goals to be a full service provider both to the general public, as well as to the high-end wholesale linen market. “We may be a small company, but we run a big operation,” says Mr. Barber.

In addition to its manufacturing, Elegant linen by Ben Barber has three retail locations in the New York tri-state area, with plans for more, in the near future.

With its diverse range in bedding and bath, unique home fashion furnishings, localized manufacturing, and ability to fulfill custom wholesale orders promptly, the choice can’t be clearer. Elegant Linen by Ben Barber should be your exclusive source as the discriminating shopper.